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Pokémon Music Petition

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Pokemon X-Ten Years of Pokemon-Now availible on CD!

The CD version of Pokemon X is now available, with 5 new tracks not available the iTunes version.

Track List (CD)

1. Pokemon Theme (Jason Paige)
2. Pokerap (James "D Train" Williams/Babi Floyd)
3. Pokemon World (TV Version) (Russell Velázquez)
4. 2BA Master (Russell Velázquez)
5. Together Forever (J. P. Hartmann)
6. Double Trouble (Rachael Lillis/Eric Stuart/Adam Blaustein/Ted Lewis)
7. Pokemon Johto (Johto)
8. Pokerap GS (Johto)
9. Born to be a Winner (David Rolfe)
10. Belive in Me (David Rolfe)
11. I Want to Be a Hero (David Rolfe)
12. This Dream (David Rolfe)
13. Unbeatable (David Rolfe)
14. Battle Frontier (JJ Appleton)
15. Hoenn PokeRap
16. Best Friends
17. Stay Together (Nini Camps)
18. Pokemon Go (Atsushi "TOYA" Tokuya)

A little history

From October 2001's Pokemon Christmas Bash until March 2007's Pokemon X, no Pokemon CD had been released in the United states. Even with the release of Pokemon X, many songs, including "Make a Wish" and "Pikachu's Coming" have not been made availible for direct download or purchase.

Victories thus far

-Many new Japanese CDs listed at
-Many Pokemon CDs listed at iTunes Music Store (including the rare Pokémon The Movie 2000 score)

-Pokemon X released to iTunes and CD.

Aims of this petition

This petition has several goals, including:

-Initiating the production of new Pokémon pop and orchestral music
-Making older Pokémon music availible in various forms.
-Increasing exposure of Pokemon music throughout the United States and around the world.

Petition procedure

At every submission plateau, this petition will be sent to Pokemon USA.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign it!

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