Friday, June 16, 2006

Mini-documentary on Sunday!

There will be a mini documentay on the TCG 2006 Midwest Regional this Sunday at 4PM ET.
Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Very Important Bill in Congress!

I just got this from J. Betty Ray, Editor-In-Chief at Live365:

It's kind of last minute, but if you were with us during the CARP stuff, you know this is how things work. Time is of the essence! (This is not PERFORM Act - but it's related) So please read this carefully and make some calls. Our future depends on it!

Feel free to alert other broadcasters and listeners who may not be reading this forum.

EFF and others are generating swarms of calls to Members of the House Judiciary Committee urging opposition to the Section 115 Reform Act at Thursday morning's markup. It is very important to demonstrate to Members of the ubcommittee that this legislation matters to real companies that support real jobs and provide real services for real people outside of Washington DC lobbyists and lawyers.

Please call the Subcommittee members listed below, speak with the relevant staff person (or leave a voicemail), and use the talking points that follow. Please call ALL these offices, not just those people you know or the staff person you have met or the Member from your state. You can be sure that every office is hearing from the bill's opponents, and each of these people has an interest in intellectual property policy and piracy so they are interested in your view, regardless of whether you are from their state or district.

If you have limited time, please focus on the underlined Members of the Subcommittee. Please call early! as there are Committee meetings beginning at 1pm EDT, but regardless of when you call, if you do not reach the identified staff person please leave a detailed voicemail.

1) Identify yourself, and your station name. Note if you live in the Member's District or State, and (most important) report that Live365 and your station are is in the legal online music business. Most of the staff people are aware of the bill, are aware of music licensing legislation and the need to modernize these laws for legal businesses to succeed.

2) Inform the staff person that enactment of the Section 115 Reform Act is very important to Live365 and to the legal online music industry, to songwriters, record companies, music publishers, and the entire music industry that is trying to oppose piracy by promoting lawful digital music alternatives for consumers.

3) Ask the staff person for his/her boss's support at the House IP Subcommittee markup Thursday morning, and specifically ask him/her to vote in favor of the Section 115 Reform Act.

4) If they have questions you cannot answer please send them to me at and I will follow up later in the day. (

5) Say thank you, and send me an email reporting on your experience with each office.

P.S. For those who want more to add detail about what this bill accomplishes, if asked, please use the following talking points: ยท It modernizes Section 115 of the Copyright Act, a 1909 law that was intended to assist the licensing of new forms of music distribution, but which has instead been a roadblock in the development and growth of legal digital music services. In modernizing Section 115, the bill includes a blanket statutory license so no longer will digital services have to license millions of songs one-at-a-time; it ends the risk of infringement lawsuits for well-intended royalty paying companies; and it promotes innovation by providing the license to all legitimate music services, regardless of what technology, platform, or business model is employed.The bill helps defeat piracy by helping the legal digital music industry innovate and grow.

Thank you.

Representative State Staff Person Phone Number

Elton Gallegly (CA) ask for copyright asst 202-225-5811
Bob Goodlatte (VA) Branden Ritchie 202-225-5431
Bill Jenkins TN John Price 202-225-6356
Spencer Bachus AL Warron Tyron 202-225-4921
Bob Inglis SC Brenda Ballard 202-225-6030

Ric Keller FL Karas Pattison 202-225-2176
Darrell Issa CA Jason Schism 202-225-3906
Chris Cannon UT Matt Iandoli 202-225-7751
Mike Pence IN ask for copyright asst 202-225-3021
Randy Forbes VA Andy Halatai 202-225-6365

Howard Berman CA Shanna Winters 202-225-6906
John Conyers MI Sampak Garg 202-225-6906
Rick Boucher VA Amy Levine 202-225-3861
Zoe Lofgren CA Praveen Goyal 202-225-3072
Maxine Waters CA Mikael Moore 202-225-2201

Marty Meehan MA Christopher Hickling 202-225-3411
Robert Wexler FL Ellen McClaren 202-225-3001
Anthony Weiner NY Marc Dunkelman 202-225-6616
Adam Schiff CA Philip Tahtakran 202-225-4176
Linda Sanchez CA Malcolm Grace 202-225-6676


I am actually out of town at a family reunion, so I may not get back to you immediately and please do NOT PM me about this.

betty r.

So call your representative and tell them to vote for this bill! You can look up your congressperson here:

Remind them it's an election year!
Sunday, June 04, 2006

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